Welcome to biomentors.net

Our intention is not to provide a brief introduction to biology topics for a sake. Instead, we have selected and focused on scientific facts for research at more detailed mechanisms that will enable students to understand how the biological mechanisms help to meet the research needs.

Biomentors.net site provides you with clear information about biological mechanisms which take place in living cells like prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic cell. One of our section (Biology topics) is mainly focusing on biology topics which contain concept-oriented mechanisms in different subjects.  The subject wise information provided on this site can help you to clear the competitive exams in life sciences like CSIR-JFR/NET, ICMR-JRF, DBT-JRF, ARS-NET, GATE, NEET, and state wise entrance exams for lectureship or research. In our current science section, we regularly update various notifications like the novelty of research in national and international wise and information about job opportunities.

Other section of this site “Research” provides Laboratory protocols, methods and recent inventions in simple ways. This information collected from journals which are published in a variety of ways including as protocol-only journals or books, as occasional articles in journals, or more informally as papers available on the Internet.

Other section of this site “Differences between” provides significant Key Points for analyzing the differences between two related factors.

Our kind request to researchers and students is to share the science and research information and research protocols provided on this site so that you can help other people to fulfill their targets and even us to work more and spreading the collected scientific data, and also request you that if you have any doubts please post the comment.